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King Power Group” has been a member of the International Tourism and Retail Association for more than 30 years. Its success in the Duty-Free business has allowed it to occupy the leading position in Asia.  In 1996, King Power Group was ranked the world’s top 10 Duty-Free business owners, the one and only Asian-Duty Free with such achievement. A number of various awards had also been given by the “Duty-free Association of the World.”


Being a global product brand owner, King Power Group has bonded greatly with its suppliers. It has expanded into main countries of Asian-Pacific including: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and Cambodia.


With our dynamic philosophy of identifying growth areas, we’ve added food and beverage, leisure and health services, and a diverse range of global business development investment projects to our Group activities. Building on our strengths, in the past decade we have led the field in bringing major international brands to Asia. As exclusive agents or retail partners we help our associates develop new markets for their quality brands.


The coming decades in China and across the Asia-Pacific look set for even greater development.  King Power Group has already at the forefront of success in this pivotal region.

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